Magsong Glass

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Super Noise-reducing Glass

Best Thermal Insulation Ever

Customary Add-on Technology

Product Technical Summary

Magsong Glass (Mag-G) Technology Improvements

  • Soundproofing Noise Reduction Innovation

Mag-G multi-layer functional stack achieved a Soundproofing effect with a sound reduction of 10 dB. It is one of the best soundproof glasses on the market.  It translates to noise reduction by >50% perceived by the human ear (due to non-linear response by the human ear).

  • Thermal Insulation Improvement

On summer days, the add-on Mag-G window blocks infrared radiation in-flow without filtering visible light for indoor brightness inside (for a 6~10° Fahrenheit decrease in room temperature). Or on winter days, inversely, it locks the heat inside (for a 6~10° Fahrenheit increase of room temperature).

The heating and cooling costs are expected to be cut by >50%.

  • Mechanical Impact Resistant

Refer to the “steel-ball drop Testing” in the Lab Testing video.

  • UV Blocking by More than 95%
  • Fireproofing Improvements

Economical Add-on Installations

Armed with the low cost associated with a one-stop installation Magsong Glass (Mag-G) is expanding exponentially on the mass consumer market, as well as the large-scale commercial applications of hotels, universities, and corporate buildings.

Lab Testing

The lab testing is recorded in the videos.